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. "viewpoint" with john fugelsang is next. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: he's now been dead for five long months, but friends feel armstrong is still having a better week than lance armstrong. and gun appreciation day. it's a chance for people from all walks of life of american life to gather and not care about the mass murder of innocent children together. and finally creationism is being taught as science in some louisiana schools. we'll bring you a story about people who are so primitive that you might just decide that maybe darwin was wrong. today is the birthday of kevin costner, maryland governor martin o'malley, and naacp head ben jealous and maryland i don't know barry was caught smoking crack on come are a and tragically never had a chance to make a self-serving half-truth confession on the own network. >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. he cheated. he lied. he took the money. the rock star fame. and at least one other actual rock star, and reveled in the% praise of humanitarian and fillenphilanthropic works but today lance armstrong is just another fallen l
tonight it is john versus john on the issue of gun control and the president's policy of prescriptions for cushing mass shootings. first up john -- curbing mass shootings. first up john from chantilly. i know the first mantra is to protect children and this is supposed to be the first step. the major problem is these first steps are not dealing with the hearts and minds of people before they become mentally ill. these first steps are not dealing with the run of the mill criminals who kill more people each year than these recent mass killings combined. these first steps are not dealing with the media onslaught of violence in games, tv shows, movies, et cetera. these first steps, though, are curtailing the ability of law abiding citizens to exercise their second amendment rights but john from lorton, virginia, says the second amendment is a big deal but it is not the only deal. today americans can purchase almost any kind of weapon and ammunitions as long as they don't have background problems. despite this the nra is jumping up and down about any kind of restriction disputing the reason
legal responses. >> reporter: john malcomb of heritage foundation we comes o'malley's move to keep guns out of the hans of mental patients but -- hands of mental patients but says in other proposals punish lawful gun owners. >> the last majority of people owning guns in this country aren't committing crimes and don't want guns in the hands of people who do commit crimes, certainly the mentally ill. >> reporter: the governor's profile now goes before the state legislature where an intense debate is expected. the governor was asked also today about the idea of putting armed guards or police officers into maryland schools and while this was not part of the proposal today it has garnered support in many recent polls. governor o'malley says it is an idea he is willing to discuss. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> a virginia senate panel advanced a law that would require all gun buyers to undergo a background check at gun shows. right now only federally licensed dealers have to run background checks. if the measure passes, individual buyers will have the same requirements. the
today in the misconduct trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold prosecutor. assayed and used officers in his police detail to compile files on potential rivals and for security when he had sex with a county employee and public parking lots. he waived his right to a jury trial and a judge will determine his guilt or innocence. he denies any wrongdoing. >> 5:05 right now. just three days away from the inauguration on monday. preparations are underwa>> hundreds of thousands on their way to the capitol grounds. john gonzalez is joining us now from the site to talk about what is underway today. >> i guess we can say one business day away. organizers of the inauguration are calling it a scaled-down inauguration, but they still expect 900,000 people converged on the national mall on monday morning. that's about half the size we saw a four years ago. 250,000 people will have coveted tickets for the president's platform, which has been in the works for weeks now. if you are lucky enough to have one of those tickets, use the correct date. that was a big problem four years ago when hund
to is the guy sort of out of focus on the left-hand side of the photo that is john dingell, congressman john dingell of dearborn, michigan. congressman dingle is 86 years old. he is in his 30th term in congress. a few months into this term for him in june of this year, he will become the longest serving member of congress in american history. nobody since the dawn of the republic will have served as much time in congress as john dingell as of this june. john dingell is a democrat. he has been his entire career as far as i know. he is also a staunch proponent of gun rights. he is a former board member of the national rifle association. now what is going on in this photo from the vice president's office today is that john dingell is speaking to this whole group of cabinet officials and the vice president himself and his fellow house democrats, and he is speaking to them as one of the 12 vice-chairman of the democrats gun violence prevention task force in the house. this group was set up by nancy pelosi last month to be the voice of congressional democrats on reform. and it tells you something
-a walk-a. >> stephanie: good morning, john fugelsang. >> john fugelsang. i was hoping to join you tonight, but now i'm doing the "viewpoint" thing, so i'll be traveling down tomorrow. >> stephanie: yes. >> and you are not letting anybody know who is coming. >> stephanie: one is a major movie and television show. >> major. >> lee majors -- >> stephanie: right it is the $6 million man. chris lavoie jim and jacki opening the show. john luminaries in the audience can i just say. >> say, please. >> stephanie: everybody is going to be there. i was on tom hartman yesterday, he is coming -- everybody is coming. >> love them. >> stephanie: like jessica, steph my husband and i bought vip tickets the moment it was announced that sexy liberal would be in dc. we bought two less esteemed tickets for our daughter. screw her. my husband had to be a closeted liberal in 2007 in his professional environment. we're both eagerly awaiting our evening with the most awesome liberals everybody. you are our happy pill every day. i'm a happy pill. >> awe. >> stephanie: with admiration f
a text to this number. text the letter "a" for john, "b" for jim, "c" if you think they both will make it. check the letter declared "d" if you think both teams will fall this weekend. and the early voting shows the majority of you predict a hardball bowl. results tonight at 11. the atlantic coast conference lawsuit against the university of maryland being called extortion. the university announced it would join the big 10 conference next year. >> it is clearly illegal. they're trying to extort $53 million from the university of maryland and deprive their students and athletic programs of that money. >> they claim the maryland of that $53 million -- owed that $53 million. he is suing the acc, claiming the conference's exit fee is an illegal penalty and violation of antitrust law. >governor martin o'malley unveis an ambitious gun-control package. he is proposing a broadbent on assault weapons and a limit to the size of the magazine's -- broad ban on assault weapons and a limit to the size of the gun magazines. >> the package to are proposing on gun violence is a common- sense package. it i
. >>> now to the breaking news of anne arundel county executive john leopold. >> cheryl conner was in the courtroom as leopold's team made a big announcement about his misconduct trial. >> reporter: a big shift in the trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold. mr. leopold, do you feel you have a better chance here with a trial by judge? a surprise turn has leopold and his two defense attorneys opted for a trial by judge, not jury. this follow as lengthy process where over 300 people filled out questionnaires and about 100 perspective jurors were interviewed in person. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> reporter: leopold is accused of misusing his executive security. the indictment alleges officers lied lookout while he had section in a vehicle and while he stole campaign signs and that all of it was done on county time with county tax dollars. >> i don't think so. i think this would be a better understood trial than having the jurors there. >> reporter: he doesn't think a trial heard by a judge would weaken the outcome. leopold is charged with one count of fraud f
. good morning to you. thanks for being with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john burman. check out the cover of the "new york post" here. lie strong. why are we talking about it? >> everybody's talking about it. they say in an interview with oprah winfrey he admits for the first time he used performance-enhancing drugs while racking up win after win on the cycling tour. let that sink in for a moment because for years armstrong not only denied using the drugs and meth audios but he viciously attacked everyone who said he did. now that appears to be a giant sham. sources say he's in talks to return sponsorship money and may be ready to testify against others. cnn's ed lavandera is live in austin, texas. ed, what do we know about this confession? >> i think the million-dollar question is to what extent lance armstrong apologizes and what will that sound like? will he apologize or admit to using steroids throughout all of his cycling career? i mean to what level will this be done? more importantly, just how he will say it. not many details other than beyond that headl
third yesterday. we'll show you a little bit of that. >> chief justice john roberts administered the oath. the president has two swearing in ceremonies because inauguration day fell yesterday. he had two of the first time around because he and justice roberts flood their lines during the public ceremony. >> vice president joe biden was also sworn in yesterday morning just as he administered his oath at the naval observatory. >> today's oaths will take place just before the noon hour. there's plenty happening before then. we have crews all around town covering every facet of today's celebration from the swearing in to the crowds, to the parade to the pictures you are sharing online. we're going to check in with all of them in a few minutes. >> we know thousands will head down to the national mall. if you haven't left already, you are going to need to know how to dress. it is chilly here. the breeze is blowing . tucker barnes, tell the folks how many layers they are going to need if they are going to head down here. >> maybe you should tell them how many layers you are wearing. thi
....hey'll plaa john's 49ers in super bowl 47 in new prreans..he 49ers beat aalanta earlier in the day. thh one bad hing abouu last night's game?we weren't there! there! but joel d. smith waa and he is strraming now from providence this morning... wee'e jealous joel!hhw was it? & pt? -3 3 roll cce: after lasttyeaa. we 3 3&p 3 p3 & 3 the fans who 3 didn't go up to new engllnd still came out in charm city -3 to rrot on their federal hhll... the streets &pwere full of happy fans.. andd &pa litle chaos... ww cauggt up wwth sommereveeers just moments after the ravens 3 3 22226:39922::6:50"you can feel it in hh ir. theee's nothing else ike it, man......before getting blown outt. & 22:28:35-22:28:46"no matter what annbooy ssys, we're underddgs, we're unddrdogsbut -& we're going to win.......... all i gottaasay." ssy." 322:29:51-22:30:00"suiper bowl,, we're going there, we're going there. super ool &p47.......believe that." p33 this little one may not be weering pink... but little - andrelyia isá sporting a ravens shirttand she's all smiles ow that the avens
this the harbaugh bowl. john versus his younger brother jim. early on in the game, the ravensin the a familiar spot 5 point underdogs. >> we are going to be counting down the days. no doubt about it as we get ready for the superbowl and the road to get here was a roller coaster and the story is better as it turns out, not just the superbowl but it's a bbr bow. linda so is live with fans talking to -- a bro bowl. linda so is live with fans talking to them is anyone up. >> reporter: yes the manager is here. we talked to two ladies who worked all night that work at the rec room and said the crowd was crazy. everyone was ecstatic and it made for a great sunday night and they left because they have been up since yesterday. but we have the manager here this morning. sam, you were sleeping during the game because of course you had to get up for your shift but when you saw the highlights pretty excited. >> it was great to wake up to that. it was the best thing. i am upset i didn't see the game but when i did wake upics watched -- up, i watched the highlights and my heart was pounding even though i didn't s
book about one of the most famous fathers the patriarch john and jack kennedy and the brothers. this is an authorized biography but he also had access to a lot of papers that had never been seen before. you get all of it. he really emphasizes the family is so important for the kennedys and the brothers. there's a new book about brothers. if you have a brother, if you know about brothers, this book is great. it talks about not only his life as a brother and his four brothers. like the marx brothers, gouch cho marks and his brothers. they competed afterwards. the john wilkes booth and his brother who was an actor. you know what he did. famous brothers. anybody like that. >> also it's an award season. lincoln just one. the first book out about an intriguing character in the movie lincoln. mrs. lincoln's dress maker. >> if you see the movie you know she is an african american and she played a big part and this is a fiction book about her life. there are some things in there you might want to look at. >> this book is really something. you might not know vanessa redgrave won eeriever
of john brennan it to be defense secretary appeared next is a call to is watching us. caller: i just wanted to call and get my comments on today's ceremony. it is very moving. i did not vote for mr. obama. i hope he surrounds himself with people that we give him counsel. he was hoping we would come together, works for the next four years. the most moving part was beyonce's singing of the national anthem. i hope we can go forward as one nation. >> she writes the benediction is lovely but what about separation of church and state? next is a call from santiago. i thought president obama's speech was really good. agree with james taylor and beyonce. their performances were great. he did not talk about bipartisanship and he should have. host: the speech was clocked in at just over 18 minutes. next is a call from gary. caller: thank you for letting me call. i was very impressed with its. it is a good day for us all to come together. it is a very special shout out you were finishing the national anthem. they started ripping the president's, his agenda, his speech. this is fairly biased news
, and then at noon in the white house president obama received the official oath of office from chief justice john roberts, which the constitution requires on january 20th. we have team coverage of this inauguration sunday. darcy spencer is downtown where metro has seen double the typical sunday ridership. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking the inauguration day forecast. we start with chris gordon live on capitol hill. a lot of excitement in the air around d.c. today, chris. >> reporter: good evening. you could see at this hour on the mall people are milling about. it's a beautiful evening and the people are very friendly and excited down here. crowds, traffic growing. tomorrow the focus of the world will be on the u.s. capitol for the inauguration, and today some of the people participating in inaugural activities got a front row view of history. long lines of people waited to get into metropolitan ame, the oldest african methodist episcopal church in washington, d.c., to be with the president and first family. >> i'm very much excited. all the way from africa just to be here and watc
to responsibillty to the (llopold))"i hhnk itssmy - innocence:maintained his john peopold has maintained his -3 innocence: (leopold) "i ttink &pits my innocence::aintained his john leopold has from he - startt 33 -3 3 from the start, john leepold has maintaineddhis nnocence: ((eooold) "i think its my responsibility o the cittzees of this county to know herr's i want them to heaa ii."he iss & facing misconduct chargee ssrrounding the uss of county policeeofficers for personal & gaan.....he innictment accuses leopold oo orderinn his 3 parking lots hhre he engaged in aasexual rendezvoos wwth a county employee.(9-1-1 tape) "i see some activity going on &pin a car and i don't think its prooer...."whennofficers responded to this incident at 3 wws alone in the car and no pcharges were filed. leopold alsoois accused of using on-duty officers to distribuuee campaign 33....and after his release ffom tte ospital.....he is accused & of requiring officers to mpty his urinaay caaheter bag..nd -3& this is not the first ime leopold has found himsel
the oath of office from chief justice john roberts yesterday afternoon. for hundreds of thousands of people, it was just a warm-up for the main event later on today. metro will be very busy. it opened up early to help with the huge crowds that are expected for the public inauguration and the parade. >> there are some stations that are closed for the celebration. kareny houston is live at gallery place. >> reporter: lots of people walking around downtown metro. julie wright is right, the only way to get down here. streets blocked off, no place to park. a lot of people. we aren't sure if some of these people aren't left over from the bar crowd last night watching the ravens game or if some are just trying to get a good spot. these people have been waiting for metro to open its doors, opening at 4:00 a.m. we do see people still standing in line. metro supposed to be open and the train and buses supposed to be running. metro expecting huge crowds today. not nearly as many as in 2009 when there were about two million people here to witness the inauguration of the nation's first african-american
affair as john takes on jim. what one said about the other on this monday january 21st. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. before we get to that excitement, we will start off with the weather this morning because today is going to be the warmest day of the week and it's not that warm. >> aid heat wave. >> you said it we are dealing with temperatures seasonable this mog and into the afternoon. we will get to that in a second. but let's start out with radar. we are looking at not a whole lot. we see snow showers back off towards the north and west right now. and some of those could get in here going through the rest of the afternoon. so, we do have the chance for a little snow some flurries driving around the area. but we are dealing with is temperatures. the temperatures the biggest story. look at the purposeels and magentas this is not good. you don't want to see this. this is act he can air moving into the area dash -- arctic air moving into the area going through tonight and tomorrow. closer to home temperatures at 25 in owings mills. 22 pylesville and sykesville
. >> now to the big easy for superbowl xlvii. some people are calling this the har ball bowl. john is take on the younger brother jim and the early line on the game megan ravens come in at 5 point underdogs. >> all right. >>> for the next two weeks there will be plenty of predigss for -- predicts but rain fans are -- predictions, but ravens fans are confident they will make it all the way. linda so is live at the towson diner with excited fans. what are they saying this morning. >> reporter: excited and it's like a dream. can't believe we are going to the superbowl. one of the fans you have a early wakeup call and you stayed awake for the game and it was exciting. >> it was amazing. absolutely amazing. >> reporter: so you watched it with your husband and father-in- law. was it pretty crazy in the house. >> we are jumping up and down and screaming. it was so exciting. >> reporter: what were you feeling before the game? >> i was nervous, excited because i knew how bad they wanted it. and it it was just a ball of emotions. it was crazy. >> reporter: and the first half kind of took sometime a
noon, president obama was sworn in for a term two by chief justice john roberts. this was the official oath. >> to preserve, protect come and defend the constitution. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> hugs from his family. his daughter joked that he did not mess up. neither did the chief justice who used notes. vice-president biden was sworn in by justice sotomayer. tomorrow's ceremonial swearing- in is at the capitol. pennsylvania avenue is set for the parade, delayed like the ceremony because there never held on sunday. police around the nation will bolster security. the weather is mild and monday. 800,000 people are expected tomorrow. some saw the president today when they attended church. >> he started leaning over to us. we were so excited to see him. >> the commander in chief laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, a reminder of his burden in our two centuries of democracy. the inauguration is not just for obama. >> whether you agree with him were not -- or not [indiscernible] to be part of it is historic for all those. >> the celebration of america is on. tv might be the b
for warmer temperatures and the wizards? >> john wall is back. the owner was happy to have him back as well. the wizards turning a new page in 2013. and ted's other franchise, the capitals, looking for redemption >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> hockey is finally here, and twitter is responding. so far, the players this week talked about how excited they are and were to hit the ice again. they were even excited to see the media, giving out hugs it has been so long. tonight, the capitals open up against tampa bay. it is a challenge, no doubt but with all of the extra time, the capitals are ready to get back to work, especially for their new hall of fame coach adam oates. >> he is a teacher and he still has relevant experience. last year he went to the stanley cup finals with new jersey. he made it new jersey, to why we thought was boring, really exciting. >> shifting, college coop, the maryland terrapins are a young group, facing unc. maryland at shot itself in the foot with it more turnovers 21 today. early in the third the steal coast-to-co
...they'll play john's brother im harbaugh and the p4ers in super boww 47 in new - orleans.the 49ers bbat atlanta the one bad thing 3 abouttlast night's gamm?ww weren't there! there! but joel d. ssitt and morgan adsit were... and they join us live from foxborough this morning... we're jealous joel!hoo was it? it? -3 3 3 3 3 3 3 & 3 this little one couldn'' be happiir... that the ravees are going to the superbbwl.the bigg day... as this llttle cutie's show us your purrle pride.youu -3 can ploaddphotos and vvdeos to us through urple -aa -fox baltimore -dot- com.and yyu caa see those pictures onnour "see it shoot it send it" page aa foxbaltimore dot com.or you - can go to our facebook page.. - facebook dot com slass foxbaltimore... click on ""nside fox45." 3 in other news... some - terrrfying moments during a national confeeence in bulgaaia this weekend. weekenn.ooposition leader 3 delegates... when a man jumps on stage... ppiits a gas pulls the trigger.the gunn securitt uurds to wrestle himm to the ground.thh suspect was quiccly taken under arrest. 3 another
as the criminal rral got underway for anne arundel county executive john leopold. reporrer joy lepola has details from the courtroom. &pcourtroom. ((pkg)) s the person in chaage of the countyy needed to be... even beforeehh did. wwile on the stand... medlin....testifiid..." i did all of hhs schhduling. basiially everything he asked me to do, iitook care of"and that includeddemptying john times a day for aamost a year. when prosecuttrs asked why she didnnt say no... mmdline repliedd.. "i was afraid of losing my job"21:47:25 it's real you do feel aaraid to leooolds and haa fiied a civil lawsuit against him.she 21:44:53 she's a good person and just watching her haviig to relive it was very testimony centered around leopold's security detail and around the 3 at ten. 3 leopold requested a judge hear his ccseeinstead of a week. 3p controversiallblogger who broaaccst his standoff with police last month will get anothee chance to argue for bail. baltimore resident james mcarthur was arrested after a tense stand-off at his north tried to arreet him for ce --3 he's been denied baal twice, even though
and the rest of the first family will attend the service at st. john's episcopal church. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will also be in attendance. the first family will leave for the capitol later in the morning. president obama will then be sworn in and deliver his inaugural address followed by awe luncheon at the capitol this afternoon. the parade is set to begin at 2:30 this afternoon. the inauguration day will end with a pair of inaugural balls at the convention center. >> there's one thing that will be constant from now throughout evening. that is the cold. >> that's right. >> it is bitter cold already. >> 4:01. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. >>> there's going to be a warmup at the swearing in ceremony. we have high clouds drifting over the metro area. it's clear south and east and farther north and west, a partly cloudy sky starting off very early on this 21st day of january. right now, it's in the upper 20s in montgomery county. in prince george's county, low 30s. right in washington, it's in the low 30s there. low
being held in algeria. >> testimony begins in the john leopold misconduct trial. >> >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv-11 news. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news. 11 insta-weather plus, and skype team 11. - sky team 11. >> the trial of john leopold finally got underway this morning. >> the delay came after he decided he would rather have a judge decide his fate that a jury. >> dramatic testimony in the first day of anne arundel county executive john leopold's misconduct trial pitting a picture what is a life was like working in his office -- trial. painting a picture of what his life was like working in his office. >> the state has no problem in showing its hand of how plans to present the case. many employees who work in the executive post office worked in fear of losing their jobs if they did not follow orders from leopold. evidence would show leopold abused his power by having police officers to his political dirty work, as well as escort him to sexual rendezvouses with one of his girlfriends. leopold's defense attorney told the court that there are two different interpretat
books with the help of chancellor, kia henderson and john legend. 2,000 of the students and five other schools will get those books. >>> the national day of service was instituted by president obama in 2009. the weekend of his first inauguration. his administration continued the day every year since and today, as they try to expand the day. a crowd of workers gathered on the national mall. fox 5's john hanrahan was there. >> reporter: yolanda adams made her pitch with a song. ♪ [ music ] chelsea clinton visited a booth to help the youngsters write letters to sick children. and eva longoria appealed to a crowd of thousands to help improve the nation by volunteering. >> make the difference in one child's life. mentor a student, donate a book to a library. donate supplies to a neighborhood school. help paint a classroom or clean the playground. >> thousands of people in town for the inauguration and many locals packed into a huge tent on the national mall, where nearly 100 service organizations tried to inties visitors into making a commitment to volunteer. big sisters, big brothers
is the testimony in the trial of john leopold. it started with a member of his staff describe what she thought was illegal activity. we have nor from downtown annapolis. >> reporter: maryland state prosecutors say that john leopold used county police and county employees as his own personal gophers, ordering them to keep a watch for his opponents and some of his signs. today, a member of his own staff took the stand to testify about some of that behavior. >> reporter: emmett abbott said that leopold used and abused his county staff. but defense attorney bruce marcus had a different take, telling judge sweeney four out of the five charges against his client do not violate the law under the state's criminal statutes. marcus told the judge that the charges defy logic because leopold's behavior was the worst kept secret in the world. as testimony got underway, the state's first witness was patricia medlin, leopold's personal scheduler. when receives allowed to answer, she told the court she was afraid to say no to john leopold. she was an at-will employee and knew that saying no would be viewed as
& midshipman.pooice say itt haapened at major mark thompson's apartment after thee academy and st. john's colllge. thompson faces a military & hearing and is accused of aggravated sexual assault and conduct unbecoming an officer. &p 3 a... 16-year-old..... is... accused of... impersooating... a ... policeeofficer...//. - and... reportedly...// - he... may... have caaled... in... city police... to... make arrests. arrests. keith daniells... liie in... southwest baltimore.../ with... more... on a story're seeing... first on fox... keith. 3 at bluefood drew jemison &paccdemy.............he lives around the corner... just a shhrt walk to this school.... where police say he put is 3 investigators ssa the peenager stole hat he needed to pose as a city school police officer from beeccfield & elmentary/middle school... they say he virtually lootee the officers' equipment... pplice recovered several iiems from his hooee. including walkie talliees a lack polo shirt with a schoollpolice -3 patch
to lose control. this conduct -- the misconduct trial of john leopold was to continue with a session but a jury was not picked. >> john leopold of throwing a major curveball today, waving his right to a jury trial and electing to go with a judge trial. many of the jurors we spoke with were not surprised by this move. some are telling us they feel this is a way to guarantee a fair trial. john leopold leaves circuit court thursday afternoon with his legal team after dropping a small bombshell in court earlier, opting to waive his right to a jury trial and have his case heard by the judge. while leopold had nothing to say to the judge about the move, potential jurors in the that the giving of the day and half of their time having plenty to say. >> i would have been very impartial. i had no knowledge of anything. i'm a single mom, i take care of my kids, and we don't have much tv time. >> was a myriad of witnesses. many people from the police department and fire department, so it would have been interesting to hear what everybody had to say. >> leopold has pleaded guilty to four counts o
the obama and biden families attend church. the two families will be at st. john's episcopal church for an 8:45 service. the church has been a popular destination for past presidents as well beginning back in 1933 with president franklin delano roosevelt. many have opted to attend st. john's. >> after church, the first family will return to the white house. president and mrs. obama will then host a tea for members of the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies. once that ends, the first family will leave the white house for the drive up to the capitol. the president and first family should be announced and seated on the platform a little bit after 11:00 this morning with the public oath then taken at 11:55 followed by the inaugural address. the president's aides say the speech will be forward looking and it will emphasize the nation's founding values. >> after all the morning pomp and circumstance, the president, vice president and their wives will attend the inaugural luncheon. here is a peek at the menu. they will be having steamed lobster with new england clam chowder sauce,
and why you're awake. of course, john tower, what do you got for us? >> we have karen. i'm coming down to the dubliner to hang out, get my chuck todd button ready. >> you know these chuck todd buttons. heard a lot of chat about this. never seen one. never seen anyone wearing one. kind of taking on their own mythological life of their own. great show everyone. "morning joe" starts live now from the dubliner. >>> good morning, and welcome to a special edition of "morning joe" on this monday january the 21st. we are live, once again, from the dubliner in washington, d.c. president barack obama's second-term inauguration. we have a remarkable crowd here. some people coming as far as ireland to be with us. they're already drinking outside. >> it's very very friendly crowd, i'll tell you that much. >> very friendly. >> now as mandated by the constitution, the president was officially sworn in to office on january 20th less than 24 hours ago. chief justice john roberts administered the oath during a private ceremony at the white house. unlike four years ago, they got it right
doubts as to whether they can make their way through congress. >> thank you, dan. john berman has the other stories. >> you heard dan talking and in a few hours, new york may be one of the first state to enact tougher gun laws. the changes proposed by andrew cuomo puts new measures to place to keep guns away from the mentally ill. >> this is a surge on society. people had to live through these tragedies. tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and people are saying at what point do we get it? at what point do you say enough, we understand? no one else has to die. no more innocent loss of life. >> the governor's bill includes a webster provision, a life without parole sentence for anyone murdering a first responder. that was included in response to the fire and shooting in webster, new york that killed two firefighters. the organization at sandy hook promised for a conversation about guns and school safety. they voted to name a new school building after slain teacher victoria soto. she died after trying to shield her children from the gunman. >> fresh off the fiscal cliff, president ob
's chris jansing. >> reporter: when amy's husband john got laid off, they had credit card debt, big medical expenses, and two young sons. >> we didn't know what to do. it was either bankruptcy or cash in our iras. >> reporter: they decided to drain both of their retirement accounts, an increasingly common decision. a new study shows that more than 1 in 4 households with a 401(k) or other retirement account will withdraw some or all of it to pay for non-retirement needs, things like mortgages, credit card debt, and the kids' college tuition. but experts say it's a deeply troubling trend. >> if they cannot pay their bills while they have a paycheck coming in, how do they think they are going to pay those exact same bills later on in life when they no longer have a paycheck coming in? it makes no sense in any circumstance to take a loan from a 401(k). >> reporter: loans that result in penalties, taxes, and lost interest. people in their 40s are most likely to borrow against their 401(k)s, but the financial pressure doesn't end there. another new study by aarp shows that the older you are, the
coming up. >>> now to the breaking developments in the trial of john leopold. a big shift in the misconduct trial. leopold left after giving up his right to a trial by jury. help wouldn't answer any of our questions. now retired howard county judge done nips sweeney will determine leopold's fate. we were there as the jurors were dismessed. >> it would have been an interesting case but the man made it -- will have a fair trial. >> so opening statements are scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow morning. it will take four days to argue the case. >>> now to the update on breaking news we told you yesterday at 5:00. a witness told police they believe a trooper was cut off by another driver. investigators are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to give state police a call. >>> a baltimore city teenager is arrested for impersonating a city schools police officer. the student was arrested twice. the student apparently dressed in a security union form and had a police badge. the teen worked at a store near the lexington market giving the impression he was a city schools police off
takingaim at thooeehand-held cellphoness cellppooes.john rydell has pore from annapolison the ppsh to completely ban theiruse ffr those bbhind the wheel... wheel... (rydell) "right ow you can only be issued a citaaion for you're pulled over by policeef - for speeding but highway advocaaes believv that law is still not ttogh enough." ((nats))there are ffw drivers these days...who don't ave cellphones.and some ssy that's not necessarily a good thing. howaad county senaatrrjames hand-held cellphone. (robey) "she not only had he cellphone in her right hand, she wasn't steering with her left hand, she was gestering. who's driving the car?"that's why robey and many other lawmmkeesareeonce drivers...from using... those hand ellphones.supporrers busch...who has tto teenage l daughters. (busch) "i want to prooection while thhy're out phere that thee concenttate on driving their vehicleeand not ttxting or talking on the cellphone." but opponnnts...say the real not ith are simply distracted. ..wwo 3 (edwards) "you know about eatingg n the vehicle, talking tooother peopleei
the orioles all star adam johns and michael phelps. >> we're going to new orleans, baby. let's go. >> one of the happiest days of my life, going to the big dance, super bowl. >> you never want to take shots like that but i was fortunate to hold on to that one and score on the next play. you take big shots and you have to bounce back and keep playing. >> we said we would win it and we meant this. >> there was no doubt in our mind. we came here to win a game. we didn't -- it wasn't a secret. we came in here last year, left with a bitter taste in our mouth. i mean, we could have won this in baltimore in front of our fans, but we had great fans coming to foxborough. >> everybody counted us out. we trusted. we're so thankful. >> ravens going to the super bowl. my life is going to change. >> from baltimore to bourbon street, it continues and man are we enjoying this ride. from foxborough, jamie costello, abc2 news. >> jamie is getting rest. you watched the ravens thrilling ride. now jeff hager joins us with much more. jeff? >> the simple as is there's nothing easy about it. you're going to have
, just before 5:00 this of the noon. the girl was taken to the johns hopkins children's center with injuries. the vehicle remains on the scene. the girl remains hospitalized at this hour. the state health officials confirmed the season's first pediatric flu-related death in maryland. the department of health and hygiene reports the baltimore area child who died last month tested positive for influenza. officials say the child did have an underlying health condition, but gave no other details. >> have prosecutors say, that officer kimball referred -- kendall richburg conspired to sell drugs while he was an officer. >> a judge denied bail in federal court today. he was suspended from the baltimore city police department in october after nearly two years of federal investigation. according to the indictment, the fbi and baltimore police began investigating the officer in january of 2011. he was an officer in the northwest police district. investigators say that for 21 months, from january 2011 until october 2012, he was part of a conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, crack coc
>>> the jury was dismissed, judge will hear the trial of john leo mold, what it -- leopold going forward. >>> the lawmakers find out how close legislators are to making a deal on the dangers of pit bulls. >>> and grab some extra purple as you head out. wear it with pride. playoff purple friday. we have a date with tom brady around the corner. >> thank you for joining us. >>> and straight up 5:30 and we'll go out. >> and sherrie johnson out eating breakfast. >>> and let's look at the weather. >>> and so we did have a few snow showers this morning. they're starting to taper off but i will zoom in on some spots. we're seeing moderate snow. the darker blues here. this is around if you are in that area. you are seeing the snow come down a little heavier across the area. and it is going to be slick on the roads. it is not sticking it is going to be wet. and a heavier band now pushing along i-95. across that area. and then we're going to stop around blacks corner this morning and just a few pockets of some moderate snow fall this morning. all in all we're going to see the flurries as we
now with the ravens... heading lookingahead... to new orleaas. orleans.but as john rydell reports... if you'rr even thinking about attendingthe ssicker shock... preppred for shockk.. ((ydell) "you can only imagine are goiig to takk place in baltimore over tte next couple of weeks including hhre at the charrls village pub, but die-hard ravens fans are now scrambling to find a way to get to new orreans for theebig gamm."((nats))long efore ttme pttle game...ravens fans could smell victory.and now...some...are setting their siggts....n new orleans. (woolridgg) "forget about mortgage payments, rent and car payments to see the game." but fans like thomas woolridge...know... atttnnniggthe a costll propooition.(nnts)so o the folks... attroyal travell quarter...are alreaay booked.s - and tickkt brokers...are more than 12-thousand...just for one ticket. (woolridge) "would you pay five grand to go down there, yes, i'm hoping &plike heck that they win but even if tthe lose, the money's not really a factor, it's goinn there, it's the experrence."(rydell) "there are some bbs t
>>> hello, i'm bruce johnson. join john. the national day of -- thank you for joining us. the national day of service kicks off a weekend of inaugural events in the nation's capital. today the president and first lady painted bookcases and helped with repairs inside a d.c. elementary school in northeast. thousands of volunteers in our area and across the country. they also volunteered for community service. it's all to honor the late martin luther king jr.. >> more importantly, everybody here, adults to children, understands the importance of his impact. >> tomorrow president obama takes the oath after office at noon to begin his -- of office at noon to begin his second term of office. it will be a private ceremony at the white house and the public swearing in takes place monday at the capitol followed by the inaugural parade. the service project today was at the d.c. armory. our surae chinn reports people who came out today were volunteering on behalf of the military men and women. >> reporter: navy commander rodney blevins is paying it forward and showing his son -- >>
with him, i've worked with john boehner, they are both good and decent guys. they can come together to provide the leadership to get things donivities our power panel, thanks to all three of you. i really appreciate your time. >>> coming up next, boehner ace biggest nightmare, deal with a few new anti-establishment lawmakers that could make things harder. one of the them is congressman yoho. >>> coming clean, lance armstrong telling oprah he is in fact guilty of doping. >>> our big question for you today, on the heels of that admission, does he deserve forgiveness and his ban lifted? what are your thoughts? tweet me or fund me on facebook. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. i've got a nice long life ahea
of volunteerism. fox 5's john hanrahan was at the national mall and is now in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: i've been wondering what the enormous white tent is at the corner of 14th street and the mall. i'm told it is a staging area. today, it was indoor part of the inauguration. thousands of people were invited inside the tent to consider making a commitment to volunteerism. ♪ >> reporter: yolanda adams made her pitch with a song. ♪ i'm going to do my part, yeah! ♪ >> reporter: chelsea clinton personally visited a booth to help the youngsters there write letters to sick children. and actress eva longoria appealed to a crowd of thousands to help improve the nation by volunteering. >> make a difference in one child's life. mentor a student. donate a book to a library. donate supplies to a neighborhood school. help paint a classroom or clean up a playground. >> reporter: thousands of people in town for the inauguration and many locals packed into a huge tent on the national mall, where nearly 100 service organizations tried to entice visitors into making a commitment to vo
. after a 90 minute meeting, president obama's beconed call, let's go to john bachelor of the john bachelor show. please, i beg your pardon. we are going to be short. this is an issue the jewish lobby. he is not a senator from israel. why is chuck schumer saying that things are going to be okay. i'm talking that he has been making long phone calls writing letters to senator boxer. what we are seeing now is a death bed confession who in the past will be more correct in speaking with our allies. >> haegel mispoke about the nuclear threat from iran. i guess chuck schumer is too a death threat? >> haegel's supporters support him because of the principle. he wanted to talk to iran and so forth and who knows where he is going to stand should he become defense secretary. how can you trust this guy haegle? >> you cannot. he represents the obama administration's foreign policy. he is handing off the cut backs to a former member of the military. i do not expect him to be part of the foreign policy. it will be closely held as it was in the first administration. he is a big defense cutter. may
john harbaugh will be across the sidelines from his younger brother jim. the younger harbaugh brought the 49ers back from 17 down to beat the atlanta falcons on their way to new orleans. now, you want to look up the china cabinet, the boys are at it againp superbowl xlvii is set for february 3rd and ravens find themselves in a familiar spot. megan has them coming -- vegas has them as five point underdogs. >> this was the scene in fells point. quite festive. people pouring out of bars cheering and screaming and police were on hand in case things got too crazy but they didn't cause trouble they werecelebrating. the fans are look forward to cheering on the ravens at superbowl. team coverage continues this morning. abc2 news linda so is live this morning with some die-hard fans at the towson diner. what are they saying? is anybody there yet? >> reporter: hi. good morning. yes they are. we have armond who is retired school teach here taught high school football in the day. exciting game. >> yeah. it was a wonderful game. very exciting. the game last week was the really exciting game. that
the flight canceled. >>> an aide to john leopold said she was afraid she would lose her job if she didn't do what he wanted. patricia medlen was the first of five witnesses so far to take the stand today. she said she acted as his personal nurse when he underwent surgery and she helped campaign staff members put of signs. he is accused of using the security detail to run personal and political errands. the trial is expected to last about two weeks. instead of a jury, the judge will decide his fate. >>> former new orleans mayor ray nagin has been indicted on 21 counts of corruption, the charges include bribery money laundering and wire fraud. he's accused of ception more than 160,000 in bribes and gifts from city contractors. the contractors/already pled guilty and will testify if nagin's case goes to trial. he served as mayor of new orleans from 2002 to 2010. he gained national attention when hurricane katrina hit the crescent city in 2005. >>> should a food allergy be considered a disability? we'll explain how the question could change restaurants around the country. >>> let's take a live l
, the 47th annual nfl title game, will pit the two harbaugh brothers, jim and john, against each other. after john's baltimore ravens crushed the new england patriots late sunday. >> absolute second-half dominance by baltimore. >> reporter: just hours after jim's san francisco 49ers beat the atlanta falcons. >> the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: brothers have never been head coaches of posing teams in the big game. >> i'd like to think when you look at those two teams, you're looking at mirror images of two football teams. i'd like to think that. it's going to be a great football game. he's a great football coach. >> reporter: it's no surprise, both men were born to be here. their father, jack harbaugh coached high school and college for more than 40 years. >> the thing about our family, we're always passionate about what we do. >> reporter: older brother, john, started his nfl coaching career with the ravens in 2008. while jim played quarterback at the university of michigan and starred in the nfl for 15 years, before becoming head coach of the 49ers last season. >> i
to paint a picture of a try yants in john leopold's trial. he is accused of using police, including for sexual exploits. brad bell joins us with what we learned today. brad? >> the official charges are misconduct but as you said, it boils down to the allegations that john leopold used police and executive staff to do campaign and personal chores. we learned how personal they were. patricia was an executive assistant to john leopold. in testimony today, she described it as a miserable job. she was force today get on her hands and knees to empty his catheter bag of urine for several months. she said the testimony is hard to hear. >> it is personal for me to see her describe her fear. >> she was the first witness for the state. she also told the judge who is an absence of a jury will decide the case that he ordered his protective detail police officer to tear down campaign signs. those cops also had to drive him to parking lots twice a week to meet a woman that this sort of 911 caller reported seeing in 2009. >> i'm seeing activity in a car and it does n
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